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Dear Troy,

I am following up on the job that was undertaken at the above site recently and would like to comment your staff on getting this completed with a minimum of issues. These remote sites seem to be the ones that throw up challenges and to have the co-operation and understanding that not only came from your administration staff, but right through to the tradesman that completed the work has made for a successful outcome.

Your efforts in going the extra mile were appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Purcel
Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Woolworths Ltd
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Hi all,

I would like to thank each and every one that helped to get us to a draft score of 99.66% in or OH&S Audit.

The auditor made comment that we have an exceptional team of contractors, but then we knew that already.

Thank you, and your team, for a job well done.


Gidean Oosthuizen
Facilities Manager
Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd
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Dear Aaron,

It is with pleasure that we express our thanks and appreciate to Commercial Locksmiths for the support they have provided DBP during the DBNGP Physical Security Upgrade Project - Stage 1.

Commercial Locksmiths have demonstrated a dedication and professionalism, and this accompanied with the flexible "can do, will do" culture, has ensured that DBP has "World Class" Physical Asset Security delivered within budget and schedule.

From the first instance when DBP were at the conceptual design stage, Commercial Locksmiths expressed patience and understanding, coupled with the ability to guide DBP in a direction that would eventuate in a excellent outcome.

We look forward to our ongoing maintenance activities with Commercial Locksmiths.

Yours sincerely,

James Smith
General Manger
DBP Maintenance Division
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Dear Troy,

As you are aware, we are near the end of our service contract agreement that our businesses entered into at the beginning 2012.

Guardall Security has without question benefited from the past arrangement as I believe Commercial Locksmiths has and we would like to extend the attached contract for a further five year period.

The team at Guardall Security constantly receive positive feedback from our customers and as you are aware the fact that someone takes time to phone or email commendation through is a great reflection on both company's earned reputations.

The response times that have been set via our priority system are constantly met as is the completion dates, this is in turn with the ability to work together makes for an enjoyable working relationship.

Yours sincerely,

David Fourie
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Dear Troy,

As part of the promotion of a positive safety culture, the DBP Maintenance HSE Committee has a monthly incentive award to recognise employees who actively contribute to improving safety within our working environment. In this instance, as a contractor, you displayed the same level of diligence that is expected of employees

Troy, it was recently brought to the Committee's attention that of your own initiative whilst attending to other work at Jandakot facility, you remedied a panel above a door which had come loose and had the potential to cause injury. Your immediate action in ensuring the repair was attended to illustrated your commitment to safety.

On behalf of the Maintenance HSE Committee, I commend you on your efforts to take action in such a reactive situation. It is with great pleasure that we award you with a Bunnings voucher of your achievement and the contribution you have made towards driving safety in the right direction.


Brad Alexander
DBP Maintenance HSE Commitee
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